By Sarah

since michael hasn’t updated ya’ll in a while, i thought i would take it upon myself to fill you in on what’s going on in good old kent/akron/aurora.

michael, like he said before, is at a computer company. he does computer stuff that i don’t really understand, and has done some major revamping of one of the company websites (yay michael!).

i found a job through a temp agency with an electrical supply company in akron as a secretary. what is an electrical supply company, you may ask. well, we are the middle-middle-middle man. as far as i can tell, this is how it goes: the manufacturer makes a product (for instance, a lightbulb). they sell it to a company who then sells it to us (yay!) we then sell the product to our customer, a contractor, who turns around and sells it to their customer. cutting out the middle man in this chain would take a lot of work :P.

on a more exciting note, it’s almost my birthday, which means…..I’M ALMOST 21!!! YAY!!!’

2 weeks after my birthday, shelley turns 21! yay!!! :)

in other news, geronimo (hamster, see previous update) is doing well. he tries to escape nightly, but michael and i have thus far been able to foil his plans. he loves cheerios, and can eat up to 6 in one sitting (pretty impressive for an animal who is about the size of a donut hole). we will get pics up soon, hopefully.

i hope everyone is doing well! talk to you all soon!