By Sarah


Last week I was introduced to the iPod Shuffle. Cute. Small (smaller than a pack of sugar free gum, in fact). Simple. I am the perfect demographic for this item :)

But, I told myself, I already have an iPod. First generation. That is big. And crashes. So I convinced myself that the iPod shuffle would have to wait until some occasion that Michael could buy it for me. The next day, my iPod dies. Battery is completely useless, and it can’t even hold a charge for the first two words of a song. Now, I need some sort of music player for the gym and for running, so I had to do something about this problem. You know how much it costs to replace the battery on an iPod? $99. And how much does a nice shiny new small cute simple iPod shuffle cost? $99. I think it was a God thing :)

I am the proud owner of a brand spankin new iPod. So far it has been wonderful. Syncs with my computer (a windows machine) and has a really good sound:

“The older iPods, especially the Mini, have been rightfully criticized for being somewhat deficient in bass, and although the bigger players have flat frequency response, they have trouble sustaining big bass notes. Not so the shuffle; it drives its earbuds well and hard without resorting to artificial bass boost. Though most digital audio players have moved past the Apple players’ audio quality (by virtue of learning from Apple’s mistakes and being fresher designs), the shuffle does them one better.” (full review)

I’ll keep you posted on any praises or complaints that I have.

-Sarah “do not eat iPod shuffle” Haren