Tonight, I finally got around to seeing “Saw.” Since Sarah’s out of town, I figured this was my best opportunity.

I thought the film was excellent. Let me qualify that: the acting: terrible; the script: excellent. I thought it was a very well made film, except for the acting. I enjoyed the plot, the camera work, the sweet surround sound, and the characters (except for the acting).

I think most people have an inaccurate expectation of the film in that they expect to see gore and carnage. I had this expectation, too. I think, however, that there is now a distinction that must be made. The film had blood and battered flesh but it didn’t have what I’ll term “active gore.” What I mean by this is that the film doesn’t show a man’s head being smashed or a foot being sawed off, just the beginning and the end. It skips that frightening;y disturbing middle part. I think this makes the movie much more acceptable in that it doesn’t hurt to watch but you still feel for the character and understand what completely ridiculous things have happened.

On the michael scale this movie gets 4/5 bananas. Don’t take the kids and prepare the wife.