3 posts in one day? You betcha!

I’ve been doing pretty well. Sarah and I play every Thursday (cash) and Sunday (tournament). On the last couple Thursdays I’ve doubled my money to a whopping $10 each time. I’m trying to focus on new strategies and it seems to be paying off.

Three Sundays ago I suffered my earliest elimination ever. I think I was out by 9:15 (started at 8). I usually make it to the final 3 or 4 but finished 2nd to last (8th?). Two Sundays ago, however, things went much better. I finished 2nd place after going headsup for over 1.5 hours. It was some of the best poker I’d seen in a long time. Several of the players did very well and made some awesome plays. Finally, this past Sunday I was again eliminated early. I had one semi-bad beat that started my sharp decline. I was up to 250 in chips (start=200) so I was slightly above average. Two seats to my right Jeff goes all in for 94 chips. He is called by Chris A., immediately to my right. I look down and see KK. I call. I should have pushed right here to get Chris out of the pot (I had him covered). The flop comes out pretty harmless 2, 5, 8. I push all in and Chris folds. Jeff reveals pocket 8’s for trips. I was probably an 80-20 favorite over him but never tell a poker player the odds. After he made trips I was looking to be a 9-1 underdog. I lost another 100 on a few plays that didn’t work out and my final 50 chips to a race situation.

I haven’t updated my spreadsheet for a couple weeks but overall, I’m still up about $90 for the year. Clearly it’s not paying the bills :). We play for fun–with money–not for money. If anyone reading is interested in a game on Sundays or Thursdays at 8pm let me know!

Also: Now hear this: Poker Tournament on May 13 (the Friday AFTER Mother’s Day, don’t worry moms). It will run just like the last one. We’ll start around 8:30. Buy in will be $5 with rebuys. The usual snacks and drinks will be provided. All money will be paid out to the top 4 places (I’m not taking a cut, that’d be illegal here in Ohio :)). Please let me know if you are planning on coming!