The poker tournament went very well. We had 21 people show up for three tables of action.

The tournament paid 4 places ($5, $10, $20, $77). The final 4 at the final table were my brother Chris, his two roommates Justin and Greg, and my friend Jon. Justin and Greg were eliminated simultaneously as follows: Greg raised huge preflop. Justin raised allin. Christ re-raised allin. Greg called allin. Chris had at least a 4-1 chip lead over either Greg or Justin. Justin shows JJ, Greg shows QQ, and Chris shows KK! This made Chris a 67% favorite to win huge. No action came on the board and Greg and Justin were eliminated, Greg in 3rd (he had more chips) and Justin in 4th.

This left Chris and Jon to go heads-up for over an hour. There was some really great poker playing by both players. Chris was doing well in blind stealing and really taking a bite out of Jon…until…Jon doubled up with a pair against Chris’ failed super omega draw to a straight/flush/pair.

The process repeated and Chris was left with a very short stack. The process repeated again and Jon took the title! Congratulations! Thanks to all the players for coming out.

And then on Sunday we both played in a 330 person tournament. I got 2nd place at my table of 10 and Chris got 1st at his table. He went on to the final table and played against Daniel Negreanu, a very famous poker professional. He played awesome the whole night and won so cool prizes! He finished 3rd out of 330. You can read all about it on his site. The pic you see is Chris with Daniel.