Of course I’m speaking about the TV show, not my state of mind. The finale was completely…anticlimactic. A couple new things happened, but little was resolved. In typical ABC fashion, we have to wait until next season to figure out what we’ve been waiting all season to figure out. Damn!


Sarah, Shelley, Ben, and I graduate next Sunday (hopefully ;) ). So as of this writing, just 10 days left…

For me: just 2 classes, 4 exams, and one long ceremony are between me and a diploma.

Post graduation plans are a little hectic but we should be ok. Immediately following graduation on Sunday (6/12/05), we are having a cookout with about 20 people. That should be a good, long-sigh-of-relief time.

On the following day, Monday, we’re picking up a moving truck in Newark and bringing some stuff over to Columbus where we will pack till we drop. We’ve already got damn near everything into bins and boxes so this should be a pretty simple procedure.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll hit the road Tuesday night around 10 with me driving the UHual and Sarah driving my car. We’ll stop every two hours or so and arrive in time to eat breakfast before our 9 am move in at Waterford Forest Apartments.

Now, if he plan continues to follow, we’ll have furniture delivered Wednesday morning, cable/internet hooked up on Wednesday afternoon (because we’re a bunch of geeks), and we’ll be mostly settled by the end of the day Thursday when I have to return the truck.

And then the real world starts on Monday. Sarah is deferring the real world until next Spring when she starts teaching about it to highschoolers. :)

Now I just need to figure out why GoogleMaps says the drive will take 10.5 hours and MapQuest says it will take only 8.5 hours…