Oh boy, what a classic! Batman, the original. 1989, wow.

Batman has always been my favorite super hero. Why, you ask? Because he’s really just a regular guy, that’s why. Anyone could be Batman. I don’t have to mutate or learn to fly; I just take up ass-kicking, hire a butler, inherit a crap-load of money and I’m good to go.

It’s weird going back to see a movie like Batman. It’s probably been over ten years since I last saw it and my memory isn’t so great. I always end up a little disappointed when I do something like that–go and see a movie that I haven’t seen in forever and have kept in high regard. I guess I’m setting myself up for it :/.

Anyway, I’ll try my best to ignore those feelings. Although a little weird (like the 80s), it was really neat. It had all the charm of a great comic book take off without all the fancy computer graphics. I wish I could say that the acting stepped up to cover any potential gap, but alas. I am reminded of a Celebrity Jeopardy! as paraded by SNL staring Michael Keaton, Batman. You see, I’ve recently seen the SNL skit and just assumed that Michael Keaton was being caricatured by the SNL staff. Having seen his career’s best work, I was wrong. SNL portrayed him perfectly.

On the other hand, Kim Basinger as Lois Lane–err–Vicky Vale (why always with the alliteration?) did pretty well, as did Jack Nicholson.

I’ve got to give it a 3.5/5, but that includes some bonus points for being a classic and portraying my favorite super hero.