There’s no easy way to put this so here it goes: this movie sucked. Actually that was pretty easy. This was one of those movies that you start watching, but about 30 minutes into it you start thinking you should just cut your losses and stop. But you don’t because you keep thinking, “This is the slow part–the character development–it’ll start not sucking soon.” And they never do. Sigh.

I’m afraid that I must place the blame for this one completely on Sarah. You know to be a little anxious when she says something like, “Just so you know, I take no blame for this if it’s bad.” M’kay.

Oh, I just thought of another reason to not see this movie. Sarah is pretty sappy when it comes to movies with love stories. If it’s got a couple people who like each other, the good guys don’t cheat, and the movie has a happy ending, she’s usually sold. Believe it or not, this movie had all of the above and she didn’t like it at all! There you go, it failed the sappy-sarah test, so don’t even think about it.

As you may come to realize, though, my choice in movies may not be any better.