I’m not sure what Sarah and I were thinking as we planned out our weekend but we messed up somewhere along the way. We left for Newark, Ohio from NC Thursday night and arrived very early Friday morning. Sarah did the whole wedding decoration thing all day Friday. Friday night we did the rehearsal dinner thing. After the dinner Sarah threw Mary a bachelorette party and I went with Chris to play cards.

Here’s where I might have slipped up. We played cards from 11 pm to 3:15 am. Oops. I’ll cover this more later.

So the next morning, Sarah’s up bright and early to do more wedding stuff and I get to relax until the wedding. The wedding goes very well and concludes with a nice reception.

Afterward we caught dinner with my family and headed back to NC at about 9:30pm. We were both really, really tired. We stopped after about 3.5 hours and slept for an hour. We drive for a couple more hours and stopped for another nap. After a couple more hours, breakfast. We finally got home around 10am, 12.5 hours after we left. This drive usually takes about 8.5 hours. Ugggh. I guess it’s better than driving off the road…

I know I didn’t talk about the wedding much, but I’ve got to leave something for Sarah to talk about ;).