In related news…my website was down for about half a day because of what turned out to be “wiring trouble”.

I found that extremely interesting and decided to interrogate my dog. He came clean and confessed to disecting my Tivo ethernet cable, too. That’s great–my webserver goes down AND my Tivo is about to run out of programming. Damn dog!

I guess I should be greatful that so far his antics include only eating ethernet cables. After all, he could be peeing and pooping all over the place. Oh wait…damn dog!

At the end of the day, however, he really is a great dog. We just have to remember that he’s a puppy and interested in EVERYTHING. And by interested in, of course I mean insatiably led to chew and by everything, of course I mean…well, everything.

So we’ve basically got a two yearold on our hands. He eats everything and only runs into places you don’t want him to be :).

On a final note…a cool thing about dogs is that no matter how long you are absent (even a few minutes), they go NUTS when they see you. They cannot wait to see you. That’s a great feeling.

Maybe later I will fill you in on his invisible fence…with holes. :(