This isn’t the usual I’m-getting-pressure-to-update-the-site update, no sir.

I have been pretty busy of late. You can thank my company, my dog, and my house for the lack of updates :). Sarah actually encourages me to update the site, so it’s not her fault.


So let’s start with the dog. Pirate is doing fine. He’s doing well at driving us nuts, too. He is cute when he wants to be, but he just uses it to lull you into a false sense of security. Once you start trusting him he becomes a trouble maker–eating and defecating everywhere. grrrrrr.

He is crate-trained, though, so we can put him in there or outside for a few minutes instead of killing him. :)

We took Pirate to the vet last week because we thought he was very, very sick. Believe it or not, his primary symptom was good behavior. We were concerned because he was moping around and resting all the time, like an old dog. He was also eating, and vomiting grass. Finally, we couldn’t confirm that he had defecated that day…at all.

We don’t really know what was wrong, but he’s fine now. As it turns out, Pirate was a pretty accurate name.


In other news, my Canada project is wrapping up. I was up there all last week and was able to test and release pretty much everything Rovisys has developed, which is good. Hopefully this also indicates that my days of traveling 34% of the time are over.

I talked to my new boss today (I now have 4!) regarding another project he is working on. Apparently, I am now the resident SAP expert. That title is a load of bull, considering how little I know about SAP. On my last project, we developed a thread to move data from a SQL database to a few SAP instances. I never touched any deep and dirty pieces of SAP. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert.

Moving right along…Rovisys-NC is set to open next week. This means I will be getting out of the house a little more and interacting with adults. I stopped by today to check things out and it is pretty neat. If you know any aspiring engineers or soon-to-be engineers looking for work in the Apex, NC area, let me know. Rovisys has been known to hire all types, even you silly chem e’s and mech e’s.


My entire family is coming down to NC for Thanksgiving this year. We are so excited to see everyone and throw our inaugural thanksgiving bash.


My house has grass now! We moved in 10/1/05 and were told to expect the sod to be installed sometime thereafter. I called 11/1 and was told that they forgot about us. I woke up the next morning to 8 pallets of sod at the curb. What service! Just about the time that I began wondering if I should water the pallets (it IS grass, after all), a truck of 12 people showed up and went to work. 10 minutes later, another 10 people arrived with another truckload of equipment. It was the craziest landscaping job I have ever seen. They did my entire front yard in less than 30 minutes. If I were doing this myself, it’d have easily taken two weeks…or more.


And finally, here’s a laugh. Since I’ve been going to Canada so often, Sarah got me this great shirt:

Check out this site. Somehow he puts out a comic every single day. They are hilarious. Plus, I think he is from Ohio.