I have been really busy recently so I apologize for the two months of no updates. I hope to make up for that today. Get ready for massive updates…hopefully you find something interesting in here. I hop to write some funny stuff soon, too.

I’ll start us off with…


I am ashamed to admit that I am about two years behind on this one. For those new to the term, a Podcast is (usually) a subscription based mechanism to receive regular episodes of audio or video. These are generally free, weekly programs…think radio shows.

The cool thing about podcasts is that you can subscribe to them (again, usually for free), and they will update on your computer (and iPod if you have one) automatically. So if you are an NPR addict like me, but don’t always have a radio handy at just the right time, you can subscribe to the appropriate feed and listen to your program whenever. You can usually go back 10+ episodes, too!

Here are a few podcasts I started listening to lately:

Security Now - A highly paranoid, security focused tech podcast. There was some good stuff on encryption a while back.

Strongbad Emails (video) - Hilarious. Start with episodes on the web. There is a podcast feed but it hasn’t been updated in a while. Be prepared to waste several hours on this.

Ask a Ninja (video) - Also extremely hilarious, and more episodes on the web.

Nobody Likes Onions - Funny. More like a radio show than the others. Be prepared for explicit content, and lots of it.

The Onion Radio - tiny (less than a minute) reports typical of Onion headlines.