I think we’ve made arrangements with all necessary persons (his-work, her-work, his-family, her-family, etc.) so I here you go:

We are moving to Ohio!

I am transferring from the Apex branch to the main office in Aurora and Sarah will be hunting for new and exciting work in the area.

We’re planning to move in January or February.

We’re selling our house and will be hunting for a new one. If we don’t find the perfect house before we move, apartment living will have to suffice. By the way, I know that the dead of winter is pretty much the worst time to sell a house. Spare me.

At my office, I’ve not informed anyone of this below management. That should happen shortly.


Good question. We miss our families and we decided that when we have kids, seeing the relatives a couple times a year wasn’t going to cut it. We’ll be about 2.5 hours away, which is still a trip, but much more reasonable than the 8.5 hours it is now.

Why now?

Two reasons. First, kids are on the horizon. That horizon might be 1-5 years away–who knows? Sarah’s not pregnant now so you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us. Second, moving is hard and I don’t want Sarah skipping out on the heavy lifting with some lame excuse like, “I’m pregnant,” or “I want pickles and cream cheese”…though I guess those are pretty much the same excuse.

Why so soon? Allow me to dodge my question with a clever comment. We weren’t planning on coming back so soon. If we were, we wouldn’t have bought a house last year for crying out loud.

Why Aurora? Why not Newark?

Another excellent question (it’s easy to come up with good questions when you are quizzing yourself). I work for Rovisys, perhaps the coolest company around. Rovisys has an office near our folks so why not? I get to stay at the same, cool company and everything.

Also, we don’t want to be too close. I’ve seen enough Everybody Loves Raymond to know that some distance is important. We’re close enough to make easy weekend trips but far enough away that unannounced drop-ins are unlikely.

Why not Columbus?

Why why why…what’s with all the questions?! What are you four years old, Poopy-head?!

So there you go. We’ll be settled in sometime in the Spring. We’re very excited!

By the way, that picture is from when we moved to NC, June, 2005.