By Sarah

Don’t be too surprised if you see Michael wearing this shirt in the not too distant future. Maybe I’ll get brave and wear this one…who knows…pregnancy does strange things to you :)

This site has some pretty great shirts…I have a feeling Peanut’s wardrobe may include some of them.

To update anyone who’s interested:

  1. I’m out of the first trimester (yay!!!!!) which means Peanut is a little safer than before.

  2. We’re thinking boy (for no reason at all) but won’t know for sure until our 20 week ultrasound.

  3. Pregnancy does weird things to your brain - I can’t believe how forgetful I have become! I’m sorry if this has affected any of you (I would apologize specifically, but I can’t remember! :))

  4. Peanut is now approximately the size of a lime…oh how I miss limes (well, I guess I just miss the tequila that went with the lime; technically I can still eat limes, but what’s the point???)

  5. I made a baby sling out of peanut fabric from Michael’s mom that Jane likes to ride in (I had to test out how much it can hold). I think I’ll have to wash it several times to get her “Jane smell” out of the fabric before Peanut can use it :P I’ll post a picture in the gallery at some point.

  6. Michael wants Peanut’s nursery to be “Super Mario” themed…I have a feeling this is one battle he will not win, but we’ll find out for sure come September :)

  7. I’ve started taking “belly shots” (not THAT kind ;)) to track Peanut’s growth - you can check them out in the gallery (I’ll post them tomorrow hopefully) if you feel so inclined :)

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Have a nice day!