By Sarah

It’s a girl! We are thrilled - I can’t wait to go SHOPPING but we have to wait until we have a house in which to put the things we buy :) So far, Peanut has:

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 fleece snowsuit
  • 1 yellow creeper with ducks on it
  • 1 fleece jacket/pants combo with a hood with bear ears on it

So she has enough clothes to get her through 1 day :) I’ll get some pictures up when I get the energy :P I swear Peanut is going through a growth spurt because I am exhausted!

The ultrasound was awesome! As far as we can tell, everything is developing perfectly and she is right on schedule (and maybe even a little ahead!) - the detail was pretty amazing - you could see fingers, toes, etc. which we expected, but they also looked at her heart chambers and the various parts of her brain! Wacky! They could even tell that she has 3 vessels in her umbilical cord (which is a good thing :)).

And, Chris, she does not have a tail :)

Next weekend we are getting a 3-d ultrasound and I cannot wait! I’ll post some pictures from that once we have them - according to what I have seen and heard, we should get some pretty detailed shots of her face, hands, etc. Maybe we’ll even be able to tell who she looks like!

Michael has started to read her books every night, and they’ve mostly been Dr. Suess. That guy must have been on some crazy drugs - seriously. Michael gets frustrated that there is no continuity between pages :) We’re going to start reading her Tal, which is a book that my dad read to my sisters and I when we were little - if you haven’t read it you should - great book :)

We have some names picked out and a list going - there is a poll if you’re interested in voting.

That’s all for now - I’ll try to post more if anything interesting happens :)