The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.I’m at working trying to toss up blog post here and there and things are coasting along smoothly with Windows Live Writer when I see this when I hit publish (bonk):

an error dialog that reads "File upload failed. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden." with an annotation that reads "Boooooo"

This was working fine yesterday so I’m assuming I’m being blocked by my corporate firewall. OK, let’s confirm that.

I can access,, my dashboard, the post editor…everything’s fine through the browser, just not through Live Writer. I fired up Fiddler to see what LW’s doing and saw the problem right away:

It seems that even none of the blogger/blogspot domains are blocked here, blogger ships its images to, which is blocked. No matter, I asked our friendly IT admin to unblock it. Now I can publish. But did it work?

Sort of. The publish worked but the image wasn’t coming through. It seems that the img src is actually on another domain. e.g.…. In my case, lh3 is blocked but lh5 isn’t. So I switched the images to lh5 and they all work just fine from within my corporate firewall (for now).