Just a few quickies I snapped recently. I noticed this Ben Franklin quote on a website (left) which appears to be attributed to a rather modern looking Ben.

I accidentally ended up at Bing recently and spent some time learning about Puffin chicks (and forgetting what I was going to search for). This factoid will surely make any new mother cry:

While heading home from a busy day Sarah and I were on the same course as this dushbag for a couple of minutes. It’s funny how applicable some stereotypes are:

This guy had a Confederate Battle Flag license plate frame, some weird goatee thing, broken tail lights, spray painted and possibly suped up truck, rolled up sleeves, and was swerving and weaving like a true—pardon my language—douche bag. I shouldn’t be so surprised considering where I live.

And lastly, Maya and I came across this violent if not perverse Elmo toy:

You shake it and his head flops around as he giggles (seems similar to this NSFW product ad).