A hilarious meme popular in my social group right now is that of the fail. This is inspired by many popular sites, the most notable being FailBlog. a “fail” is an act of failure concluded with the (typically third-party) exclamation “fail”. Some examples:

While trying to refill a honey bear, I over filled causing quite a mess. Upon seeing my error, a witness is right to proclaim, “Fail!”. This is also increasingly popular in photos. For example, FailBlog is full of sign fails and science fails like these:

But you already know this. Why would I spend so much time defining a fail? Because apparently it’s not so obvious to a certain group of BabyCenter moms. Here are a few Fail fails:

What’s the fail? Are they not girls? Is one of them not yours?

But they do match. You don’t get how this works…

Is it because the kid isn’t smiling at your song? Or is this a song lyric grammar fail? Sigh…

Sometimes, it’s a genuine fail, but needs a much, much shorter title (e.g. “Fail”):

The problem is that a true fail is self evidentand most of these are not. Adding extra words to the caption should only carefully be done to add an extra punch.

In the spirit of all things fail, here are a few pics I snapped on the way to work recently:

Fire Fighting FTW

On my way to work the fire truck pulled out in front of me and while I waited at a traffic light, they extinguished the flames shooting out of that car. Good work guys!

Here’s another encountered while trying to start up a VM on my Windows 7 machine (for those lucky enough to not be familiar with this, it’s the BSOD—what you see when your computer decides to suddenly stop working):

If you want some more funny pics, check out some recent protester signs.

While I’m dumping photos off my phone, here are some non-fail ruminations.

Once a year, Starbucks seduces its coffee loyalists (warning: avoid mental image!):

And on the other side of the same easel, we’ve got a number of problems. We’re missing an apostrophe, it’s already well after 2pm, and what does that mean about the tax? It’s applicable some places but not here, where I am?

Impressive hand-writing, though!

Pictures don’t do this next one justice. It was the saddest water feature I’ve seen in a long time:

Despite its imposing size, it had just one little stream of water which did not do well to cover up the pump or wires powering the thing.

On to more serious matters: getting busy. Here’s family prevention section at Target:

A few observations:

  • The top two shelves are only necessary if something from a lower self has let you down or wasn’t in use
  • A purchase from the lower shelves is probably always done with a smile (thus the cool product names)
  • Purchases from the top shelves, however, are undoubtedly nervous buys (even if you’re trying to become pregnant), and thus the professional product names (peeing on a stick never looked so…idk)
  • This could be a nice (i.e. hilarious) way to bring up the pregnancy topic with your significant other. Simply peruse the aisle and instead of reaching in for some family prevention, pick up some family detection

Anyone remember Microsoft Bob? Here’s a kid’s version available today:

And finally, I leave you with something that rarely happens as planned:

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Math Zombie said on 2009-09-29

I have an app on my iPhone that lets me add FAIL captions to the pictures on my phone. It’s pretty sweet.

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