I’m thrilled to see the whole healthcare thing coming together. I am very excited that the most important legislation of my generation will be passed soon!

I hope upon hope that the new CBO numbers, predicting some nice deficit cuts (1.3 trillion over 20 years!), will give some republics the excuse they need to get with the program. Imagine how powerful it would be if a bunch of them got on board—it doesn’t have to be a party line vote and I think the CBO report gives them an out.

They can even rub it in the dems faces by claiming their pressure and work lead to a better, cheaper bill—that might even be true. Just vote for the damn thing!

What’s the worse that could happen? It’s not like it can’t be amended, repealed, etc. later. Yeah, yeah—the biggest takeover of healthcare—ah the fear! If you’re willing to shutdown Medicare, and thereby send millions of old people to join the 30+million existing uninsured, I’ll hear you out. I respect your principals but they don’t work both ways.

All along I’ve maintained a much simpler view of this whole healthcare issue:

The insured pay for the freeloaders already through higher premiums, obscene costs, and taxes. Why not make it official and get some benefits ourselves?

BTW: I’m posting this from a friggin airplane.


Sarah said on 2010-03-21

Woooooo Hoooooo!

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