I am afraid if I ever have twins or triplets that I would try to carry too many at one time and drop one, both, all, etc. Oops!

And that’s my segway into my congratulations to B+T on their new double-dose of parenthood. Here’s a list of things to keep you occupied during your downtime (infants are boring):

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…you won’t be having any of that. Sorry. Now let’s extrapolate your family:

At this rate (if my calculations are correct), the trend is slightly alarming:

Of course the total number of kids you have will be a bit more dramatic:

The only thing I can conclude from this is that you might want to refocus your house-hunting for something in the country. With lots of room.

In any case, best of luck to you and enjoy these first few weeks as a family of five! Let me know if I can help in any way (I just might).