You know those magic eye things that started showing up in the nineties? Sure you do:

I. Hate. Them. They don’t work for me and it’s so frustrating.

I know it’s silly and a little crazy, but damn it if it isn’t frustrating. Anyway, so something happened the other day. I was sitting in the chair at the dentist making mental notes of the ridiculous things that my oral hygienist was saying so I could tweet about them later (she was pretty nuts) when I noticed a giant magic eye on the wall in front of me. I tried my best to ignore this evil invention, which was certainly placed there only to torment me. Unfortunately, the nearby TV was blaring some Fox News capital-C-crazy babbling so my mind, and my eyes wandered to the poster.

Without paying much attention, this sinister picture of what I assumed to be be Skittles-vomit revealed a 3D dinosaur (obviously not what’s pictured above, unless it coincidentally contains a dinosaur, too). It worked…and I was startled. In 15 years, I have never seen the image within and then suddenly, there it was. I must admit, it left a bit to be desired.

The worst of it is that it hasn’t worked since. Figures.

Since I’m into pie charts this week, here’s the breakdown of the ol’ magic eye:


Sarah said on 2010-09-21

I can’t see them either. Probably a good thing. The last thing I need to escalate my dental anxiety is the fear of a 3-d dinosaur jumping off the wall and attacking me :)

Math Zombie said on 2010-09-21

I went to elementary school with a kid whose father was in charge of putting these in the newark advocate. true story.

Katie said on 2010-10-06

I think this chart could be renamed Michael Haren is….

:) I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for the great content!

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