1. Root your phone (ok, that’s not so simple)
  2. Install “screenshot” from the Market
  3. Open it up and check the box “Shake the phone to take a screenshot”:
  4. Shake your phone

Pretty handy!


Brad Griffith said on 2010-09-29

Are there any disadvantages to rooting your phone? No more OTA updates, maybe? I’m afraid to do it, but I kind of think I should if I’m going to be a true geek.

Great blog, Michael!

Michael Haren said on 2010-09-29

It’s pretty harmless, actually, and in many cases, I think you can still get OTA updates.

It was a new area for me so I started by following some forums for a few weeks to see how things work and who’s roms to trust. Then when it came time to do it, I sat down with a much more experienced friend who reassured me that I wasn’t going to brick my device.

To-Date I’ve experienced the following advantages to a rooted phone:

  • I was able to flash the Froyo ROM on before the OTA update come around

  • I have a free WiFi tether app I use occasionally with my laptop when I need to get online in a bind

  • I can take screenshots

That’s a relatively boring list, but I’m sure there are other uses out there.

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