Here’s my journal from a recent work-related trip to Battle Creek, Michigan, continued from Wednesday and Thursday.

And then it was Friday.

Friday 9/24

I picked up a few coffees for the office crew on my way in and was greeted much more enthusiastically—they even held the door for me (I learn quickly). We knocked out a bunch of work and split at noon.

I trotted back to the hotel and we loaded up the car for our journey home. Before we took off, we grabbed lunch at a deli attached to the hotel, during which we relived the horrors of eating out with children I documented yesterday. The highlight was probably when I passive aggressively accused some woman of cutting in line by muttering “cuts-eees” (she definitely heard me), only to be informed by Sarah that we weren’t actually in line.

On the plus side, the kids seem to do better traveling during the day, which perplexes me, but so it was on Friday.

We were able to listen to a few discs of Sarah’s book-club book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. It’s basically a super sad story about what it’s like to be a woman in Afghanistan (hint: it sucks).

I enjoyed marveling at the wonders of EZ-Pass a couple of more times and, shockingly, we were home on schedule. Too bad for this blog, though, because without incident, I have nothing funny to write about. Sorry!

After a long week, we did what most people do to relax: Sarah made dinner, and I painted the bathroom and started installing new flooring. It was somewhere around this time (the actual moment eludes me) that Sarah suggested redoing all the flooring in the entire main level of our house.

Let’s rewind. Our bathtub was getting a little gross so I decided to re-caulk it. One thing led to another and we ended up getting a new bathroom. We replaced everything (walls, ceiling, floor, tub, vanity, etc.) except the medicine cabinet, which we had originally installed when we moved in. It all turned out so nice that now Sarah wants new lights and floors everywhere. I’m sure she wants new paint, too, but she’s too kind (clever?) to mention it just yet.

No rest for the weary.

In closing, here is how I feel about car trips with small children:

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Sarah said on 2010-09-28

“I’m sure she wants new paint, too, but she’s too kind (clever?) to mention it just yet”

Yes. Yes I do.

You’re just THAT GOOD, honey. Really it’s your own fault for making the bathroom look so nice! Really, though, I think it’s the lighting that is the problem. The paint we have would look fantastic with new floors and lights :)

And you know you love car trips with me and the kids :) For the next one I’ll be sure to let you pick the book. I actually like this one, which I’m sure surprises you (not at all).

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