Without my camera phone (Droid Incredible), I would not have captured any of these images.

Thing1 enjoying her second day of school, playing with a mirror, and occasionally sleeping:

maya at school

maya and mirror

maya sleeps

Thing1 and Thing2 being awesome (typical) and getting along (rare):

kids at mall

kids at mall

kids dancing or something

A neat toaster and cool window at the airport in Philidelpha or Albany (can’t remember which):

sweeet toaster

neat window

A Blues Bros. staging area:

police cars

A Mexican restaurant that has a nearly identical menu to El Campesino in NE Ohio (hmmmm):

menu cover

menu inside

A furniture store catering only to a certain, specific clientele (and more):

odd furniture store name

Some probably bad advice from my rental car:

bad advice

Some random discoveries at the drug store:

tastey drink yum

chewy popcorn

awesome idea

And of course, my super sweet and very missed family:

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Sarah said on 2010-09-30

Love this post <3 But you knew that already :D

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