We love Target. It’s cheap like Walmart but clean, with happy and friendly employees (and customers), and fast checkouts. Sometimes they’re crazy, though. While they’re famous for their buying in bulk penalties, we discovered some odd instant substitutes recently:

So I guess if you wanted something like this:

Instead of getting one of the other, almost identical comforters, you should get this:

It looks like we have a few more years before these machines take over and we’re totally screwed. Oh wait.

In other news, here’s a collection of random pics from my recent travels:

(I wasn’t moving when I took that, but she was while texting.) Don’t text and drive, kids. It can wait.

I’m not sure that listing three things it cleans is enough to really call it “Triple ACTION”. If that’s all it takes, I’m totally coming out with Quadruple ACTION soap. It cleans hands, dishes, sinks, and makes your sponge stinky.

While at the airport:

I saw this next to my airplane:


I hope they’re not using disks (on the dashboard) for anything related to my plane.

Changing venues:

Um, yeah this is pretty gross to look at. Now imagine what problem they were trying to solve with all that caulk…

My hotel was very nice but I admit that this was a little creepy:

Later I saw this bumper sticker, which I loved:

When I got home the city decided to remove my street. Luckily they put it back later.

I returned to the office just in time to participate in a strange contest:

Why is that a question?

Another example of crazy target pricing (200 gels is cheaper than 110 gels):

The best part is that Sarah found them in another isle for $5. Identical.

We were in Cereal City so bizarre sites like this were common:

Antivirus being helpful and totally not ruining the Weather Channel, though to be fair, it’s accuracy is about on par with the forecast (zing—weather joke!):

And finally, my favorite item of the month:

That’s right, folks, alcoholic whipped cream.


Sarah said on 2010-10-26

I love funny posts. Keep em coming :)

Also, I’m surprised there was no dirty joke in there about the alcohol infused whipped cream. A little disappointed, even.

You should edit it to say:

“That’s right, alcoholic whipped cream. Ladies ;) (said by the Old Spice man)”


“Oh, and it’s sold with the apples. If you know what I mean ;)”

The winks are very important.

picturingtheordinary said on 2010-10-27

wow…the rose on the bed pic made me laugh out loud, as did Sarah’s comment…nice one.

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