You’re three. It’s difficult to capture in words how we’ve grown together this past year. Each morning as we begin our day, side by side or apart, I wonder what is in store for you—what you’ll imagine, what you’ll learn, and how you’ll continue to grow as the incredible, happy little kid that you are.

You constantly amaze me with your understanding and skills. Today, you wrote your own name on your library card application and politely submitted it to Ms. Stacey all by yourself. You are impossible to overestimate.

I love the excitement in your eyes. Your fresh perspective on things I’d long taken for granted or forgotten brings me renewed joy. Your new magical game of pretend delights me as we chase each other around the house or play fort under the table.

Your outgoing spirit lifts those around you. You bring smiles not just to your family and friends but also your casual acquaintances at the grocery store or video store. As I write this you are dancing in circles singing a song you must have just learned in school today and your fingers are Crayola-stained from the pictures you drew on the way home.

Seeing you learn to express your love for you sister is serene. It’s truly gratifying to see my love for you reflected in your face as you play with her and care for her. I’m excited for the bond that you each are building together.

This next year will be filled with its own adventures and I can’t wait to experience them with you.

I love you, Peanut.

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Sarah said on 2010-10-05

Beautiful. :*)

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