Tip! This post is part of a series on my adventures with Arduino

I’ve quite suddenly begun struggling to come up with project ideas that are both possible to implement with my limited components and time, and also interesting (to me at least, if not you).

A friend suggested this list. Instead of a project tonight, I browsed that list and a bunch of other resources and came up with the following, which will tide me over for a couple of days (and hopefully lead to additional projects):

  • VU meter – like lights dancing to music (if you don’t know what a VU meter is, my implementation is certainly going to fall far short of what you are now imagining)
  • Game of Life on an LED grid (waiting for LED grid to arrive)
  • Christmas lights controller (waiting for relays)
  • Four button Simon
  • Four player reaction game
  • Clock (waiting for display)
  • Alarm (waiting for display)
  • Animated pixels (waiting for display)

So, yeah, most of these are waiting on parts (which I ordered two weeks ago…).

I’ll be back with some actual circuits as soon as things quiet down here on the home front!

If none of that interests you or you have a few minutes to kill, check out this recipe for preparing bacon (more importantly, the comments).