One of Wife’s indulgences is watching “Private Practice”. I don’t watch it with her but I can’t help but overhear it while I work on my own projects. Fortunately I was out of town a few days ago so I was unable to listen in.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a pretty reasonable guess for what all the drama might be about at any given time:

So this guy’s an organ donor but he can’t give consent because he’s in a coma but his girlfriend wants to give consent for the transplant to save her brother’s son but the mans wife (!) insists on obtaining custody of a previously frozen sperm sample first before she’ll unblock the surgery right when all the doctors realize that the man is pregnant with a coyote baby and needs his nipples exchanged (left for right) in order to prevent an acute psychological condition (presumably something he’ll still have if he wakes up) from interfering with his job as a cupcake paper wrapper packer which he’s really nervous about even though he already knows it’s being outsourced to a robot which–here’s the twist–is manufactured by his girlfriend’s brother’s son’s stepdad’s friend’s company.

Like I said, good solid stories here.

I’ve recently learned that Wife might not really care for it either. You see, I normally spew a whole lot of comments like that the entire time the show is playing. But since I was absent this week, she made up her own ridiculousness and shared it with me:

You would freak out live blogging Private Practice. Ahhhhmazing. Seriously. There is a woman who has been in a coma for 2 years and they just found out that she is pregnant and are all OMGsomeonerapedheratthenursinghome which is obviously not what happened because it was (duh) her husband. Also, a woman just had a bunch of surgeries and stuff and wants to have a baby now and we just found out that her husband was in a car accident (he is fine) but he was with a male prostitute.

OMG male prostitute guy has HIV

k turns out the guy is a male prostitute but the two guys were together for real (like in a relationship)

coma girl lost the baby and her husband said don’t worry we’ll keep trying

I was pretty close, right? Oh, and my wife is awesome.


Sarah said on 2010-11-17

Thanks babe :) I am impressed with your storyline. You should submit that to the writers. I think you might have a real gift there :)

Katie said on 2010-11-18

I am glad I am not the only one who can’t stop watching the show even though I know it is terrible, Jason has his own commentary on the show. :) You guys just left out that fact that during all the crazy medical drama every single doctor in the practice is having sex, mostly in thier offices, with other members of the practice, as though there are no other people in California that they could possibly screw.

picturingtheordinary said on 2010-12-14

So funny and so true, but for some reason I keep watching it…what’s WRONG with me! :)

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