Here’s a trick I wish I’d learned much earlier in my career as a .NET developer. You can generate event handler skeletons via the dropdown list above the code window:

I don’t know what those dropdowns are called—let’s go with “object” on the left, and “event” on the right. In this case I want to implement the “Item Data Bound” event of a DataGrid object (I don’t much like webforms but this legacy component is full of them so don’t judge me). First choose the grid from the object dropdown:

And the editor inserts this lovely snippet (or takes you to it if it already exists):

This works with varying success outside of webforms, too.

Let’s do one more related tip I’m sure you already know about: generating skeletons for classes you inherit or interfaces you implement. Of course you get Intellisense:

But after you choose the thing you want to inherit or implement, click on that little blue line (it’s easy to miss):

And you’ll get a handy generator option:

Which when activated, inserts a nice skeleton for you to fill in:

By the way, the keyboard shortcut for activating that menu is ctrl-..

Happy coding!