Apple’s iPad2 will be released on March 11. It looks awesome, no doubt—just like the first one, released only 11 months ago. That got me thinking: how much would it really cost to feed an Apple addiction?

Before you label me a fan boy, let me offer the following facts in my defense:

  • I don’t have a mac (Wife has a two or three year old MacBook)
  • I have a pretty dated 30gb iPod (pre-Touch days)
  • My love of Apple is actually much bigger than Apple—I love all technology

Moving on. For this calculation, I’ve made the following assumptions:

The addicted user will buy the following products:

  • A Mac every two years
  • A major non-laptop purchase every year
  • A “minor” purchase every year

The calculation will be run for the following user profiles:

  • The poser who buys the cheapest option of whatever new crap Steve presents
  • The functional elitist who buys mid-grade all the way because they actually use it (this would be me)
  • The hardcore fan boy who goes top of the top of the line every time

The numbers:1

In summary, an Apple addiction costs a surprisingly little $89-198 per month. Maybe it’s just me but that’s much less than I’d have guessed it would cost to be swimming in shiny new Apple gear all the time. Hmmmm…

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Michael Haren said on 2011-03-03

I’m budgeting for just one mac every two years. That could be clearer, sorry

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  1. Numbers do not include potentially substantial things like taxes, monthly cell charges, App Store purchases, the shakes, etc.