Dear Wife,

I got up early today with a pretty great plan. I was going to make some delicious coffee and pour out some good old heart and soul into these internets about how wonderful you are as a mother/wife/person/friend/Tetris-player etc.. But then weird stuff started happening. I’m going to document my first 60 minutes experienced awake today in hopes that you can shed some light on my day. Does this happen every day!? Good lord, being “mom” is hard!

First, Thing3 woke up crazy early. I realize that after a night of restless “sleep”, it doesn’t make sense that he’d be up early, but hey, it happens. Being the generous husband I am, I confidently (mistakenly?) decided to get up and let you sleep. Yes, Father/Husband/Man of the Year Associations, I will consider your nominations. Doing this once a year is infinitely times as often as not doing it at all, am I right?

So I got downstairs and quickly realized I’d have to severely back off from my grandiose plans for a big blog post, breakfast in bed and fresh-cut flowers.. Why? Because typing-with-one-hand, that’s why. HOW DO YOU DO EVERYTHING THIS WAY?! I’m not sure if my useless baby-carrying arm will atrophy or become ultra strong. It’s cramping…what does that mean?

This is where I’d go on and on about how hilarious it was to make coffee or breakfast or whatever with a baby…but I can’t because nothing’s happening down here. That is, except for some good old baby-daddy snuggle time:

And I got it. Suddenly I understood why you are so selfless 365.24 days a year.

Being an always-on mom is challenging and draining. And rewarding and beautiful.

I like to joke when I’m watching a child or two that we’re lucky I remember to feed them. It’s fun and all but we really would probably starve without you. Or rapidly adopt a cake-based diet.

Happy Mother’s Day :)

ps: please wake up before Thing1 and Thing2 realize I’m on my own down here.

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Sarah said on 2012-05-14

My favorite post ever (maybe tied with Thing3’s birth story :))

Thank you! I love you <3

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