I received an unexpected package today from Amazon. Hmmm…

I opened it and started to get excited. It wasn’t what I usually get from Amazon (batteries, pink toys, etc.).

It turns out that my friend Mark sent me a birthday present! Woot! I was very impressed by the presentation. Each item had a fancy wrapping, a fancy ribbon, and a fancy card.

I guess I’m known for my fruity shirts.

The gifts are perfect, and they arrived like a sir.

I’m actually shocked the kids adapted so quickly to it all. Thing 1, and Uncle Chris:

Thanks, Mark! I’ve got some learnin’ to do.

Some day I’ll remember to give you your Christmas present from last year.

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Sarah said on 2012-11-24

I’m surprised by how much I love the horse mask. I just wish I could wear it long enough without laughing to actually be funny!

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